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Best Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have decided to file a bankruptcy, you need the best bankruptcy attorney you can afford to represent you. Money is obviously tight. You might not be able to afford the most expensive lawyer, but that does not mean you cannot get excellent legal counsel.

Admitting that you cannot pay your bills is embarrassing. Many people feel guilty about letting their creditors down when they cannot follow through with promises to repay loans. Often people delay filing until their situation is dire.

The number of people that declare financial insolvency is growing. According to US Federal Court statistics, there were over 1.4 million bankruptcies filed in 2011 alone. Filing for bankruptcy is life-changing.

When you are looking for the best bankruptcy attorney to present your case, you should look for five key skills.

Financial Expertise

Your attorney will review all of your financial documents and complete an in depth analysis to determine if you are eligible to file a bankruptcy. He or she must be able to evaluate your debt to income ratio, calculate your ability to repay a settlement agreement and examine creditor claims for accuracy.

Negotiating Skills

After a careful financial audit, your attorney may determine that you are not eligible or that you would be wiser to attempt to negotiate with your creditors for discounts or reduced interest rates. As your legal counselor, your attorney might be able to help you avoid bankruptcy and settle your debts with individual payment agreements. Superior negotiating skills produce the best outcomes.

Negotiating skills are also necessary in the court room. Your lawyer will have many opportunities to discuss your case with the court appointed trustee, the judge and your creditors. His skills will be instrumental in successfully reaching a payment plan you can handle.

Experience in the Court Room

Having a good educational background is not the same as having a record of successful litigation before a judge. Finding the best bankruptcy attorney includes researching his success rate. Since every case is slightly different, attorneys learn effective strategies from each successful bankruptcy approval

Communication Skills

This process can be overwhelming for the client. Finding an attorney that is willing and able to explain what is happening and what to expect every step of the way will reduce stress. In addition, lawyers must communicate with many people about your case the court, the trustee, creditors, court clerks and countless others. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are critical.

Education and Knowledge

Perhaps the most important skill that your attorney should possess is a full understanding of the federal guidelines for filing a bankruptcy. Limitations and regulations change periodically. Along with a legal education, your attorney must be aware of all legal issues that will affect your case.

Finding the best bankruptcy attorney to represent you in court is extremely important. You need a well-educated, experienced professional with a good reputation before the court. It is wise to interview an attorney, maybe two or three, to find the best fit.