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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Whenever it is time for you to open a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you have a choice: either do it yourself or hire a chapter 7 bankruptcy Lawyer. Handling the case yourself can be complicated and overwhelming. A lawyer will know the latest rules and changes to the bankruptcy law in your state. The mistakes you make now on your bankruptcy petition can come back to haunt you. Sometimes, it is too late to fix something that a lawyer could have seen and picked up on. A bankruptcy case is not something to take lightly; the petition alone can easily be over 50 pages. It is the type of case that comes with its own set of rules and if you are not well versed in that type of law, it can easily throw you off.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will ask you to gather all your bills (credit card statements, medical bills, etc.) so he can include them in the petition. A good lawyer will also pull a credit report to make sure all your outstanding unsecured (the type mentioned above) debt has been included in the petition. If you decide to file a bankruptcy petition without the help of a chapter 7 bankruptcy Lawyer, you may forget to include a few, only to have those remain outside the bankruptcy and as a result, you will be responsible for them by having to pay them. If they would have been included in the bankruptcy petition, they would be removed from your record and you would not have to pay them. In order to avoid things like that, the hiring of a chapter 7 bankruptcy Lawyer is your most important decision.

If you are being annoyed by creditors calling and sending you overdue notices, realize that once a bankruptcy petition is filed, all that contact stops. Creditors know this and most will stop bothering you once they receive notice from the court that you are filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, having a lawyer helps run interference on your behalf. If creditors continue to call, you can tell them that you have filed bankruptcy and to get in touch with your lawyer. It is perfectly fine to tell the creditor this information. At that point, you shouldn't have to worry about any of that. However, if the creditors ignore this, and continue to call or write to you, the lawyer has things he can do if they persist. He can file a motion for fees and sanctions and creditors don't want any trouble from a lawyer over this, so most will back off. This is just another reason that having a chapter 7 bankruptcy Lawyer makes sense. It takes all the worry about those annoying calls off of you and lets the lawyer deal with them. In the meantime, you have peace of mind knowing these calls have stopped.

Don't let your need to save a few dollars now cause you lots of headaches later.