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Once you have decided to file bankruptcy, your next decision should be whether to hire an attorney or to do it yourself. For the novice filer with no previous bankruptcy experience, it is possible to do but can get complicated very quickly. Costly mistakes can easily be made and if your case is dismissed by the court, you must wait years to file again. The initial petition is manageable for the first time filer, but as the case progresses, it can get difficult and you will probably need some help along the way.

Hiring an attorney would be the next logical step. When checking out possible attorneys to handle your case, don't be tempted to hire the first cheap bankruptcy attorney you come into contact with. What is more important than his fees are his reputation, his success rate with former clients, etc. These are the questions you want to ask when you make an appointment to speak with the attorney. Remember that cheapest doesn't always mean the best. It also doesn't mean you are getting what you pay for.

Yet, even though this sounds in direct opposition to the previous statement, hiring a cheap bankruptcy attorney can work out well. Some attorneys truly have the interests of their clients at heart. They know their clients are in a financial bind and the attorneys want to help them get out of it. These same attorneys genuinely feel for their clients and will do anything they can to help them. After seeing the client at the first meeting, they notice the client is nervous, embarrassed, and will sometimes cry. However, in many cases, the client is relieved when the case is over and the financial burden has been lifted from them. They feel like they have a new lease on life, and that they are ready to make a fresh start.

These attorneys will then go so far as to lower their fees as a gesture to not only secure more clients, but to actually help them, as well. The attorneys know that the clients are usually in no position to lay out a huge fee and some attorneys have gone so far as to let clients make multiple smaller payments until the lower fee is paid. Attorneys who offer these perks to clients may be few and far between, but they do exist. Therefore, it is worth the time and effort to find a cheap bankruptcy attorney and meet with him to see if he is genuinely concerned with the outcome of your case.

Does his office staff seem friendly and helpful? This is an important observation on your part because they will be involved in the handling of your case as well. They are the people you are going to talk to when you call the law firm. If they have a supportive attitude toward a client, it would stand to reason that they will be easy to talk to during the pendent of your case.

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