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Cincinnati Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you thinking about filing bankruptcy, but fear how it might affect your life? Having debt you cannot pay is frightening. The thought of losing your car or your home creates a feeling of stress and anxiety. An experienced Cincinnati Ohio bankruptcy attorney can help you get past this uneasy time in your life and give you the fresh start you need.

Bankruptcy Basics

Filing bankruptcy with the help of a Cincinnati Ohio bankruptcy attorney takes the burden off of your shoulders. During the consultation, your lawyer will explain your personal bankruptcy options. There are two types of personal bankruptcy, chapter 7 and chapter 13:

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: If you have significant medical debt, large credit card bills, and unsecured loans you are unable to repay, a chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe the slate clean. Most types of debt are eliminated in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: If you have the ability to repay your debts, but are struggling to get on the right track, filing chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you the reprieve you need. Your lawyer can help you restructure your debts and create a repayment plan that works with your budget.

Creditor Harassment Stops

Once you retain a Cincinnati Ohio bankruptcy attorney, your life will regain some normalcy. After months of avoiding harassing phone calls from credit card companies, and losing nights of sleep while you try to figure out how you can make the car payment and buy groceries, knowing you can pull out of this financial nightmare is an amazing feeling. After you retain a bankruptcy lawyer, you do not have to speak with creditors. If a debt collector does call, you simply provide them with your attorney's information.

You Will Not Lose Everything

People are often under the assumption that if they file bankruptcy, they will lose everything. This is not the case. The State of Ohio provides an exemption for two-year residents. With this exemption a person is able to keep their home, vehicle, personal possessions and jewelry (up to the limits allowed by the State).

Filing bankruptcy can help you overcome the debt that has been building and provide you with the means to start over. Contact us today, a Cincinnati Ohio bankruptcy attorney today to find out how bankruptcy can help you be free from debt.