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Fortunately, if you want to find a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, you don't have to look far. Bankruptcy attorneys abound in the city, especially with the steady amount of cases filed each year. According to annual data posted by the American Bankruptcy Institute, California filed 251,396 bankruptcies last year alone. Despite the incredibly high number, it's actually comparatively lower than last year's statistic, which was 315,501 bankruptcy cases. The data also revealed that 0.68% of the entire population in California filed for bankruptcy. This seems low, but considering the population of California amounts to more than 36 million people, it's actually not a very low number. There are many people looking to find a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, but the aim should be to find a good attorney.

If you have a bankruptcy attorney in mind, be sure they are licensed. A good attorney should be licensed by the State Bar of California in order to be able to properly handle your case. To determine whether or not your particular attorney is licensed, you can search for their information online, since this information is public. Next, you'll want to find a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney that is board certified. Although this technically isn't a requirement to practice, but a board certified attorney from the California Board of Legal Specialization would indicate that this attorney has the necessary credentials to handle your case effectively. A board certification is only awarded to attorneys who have been licensed and practicing for a minimum of 5 years, have been specialized in a particular field for at least 3 years, and those who have handled a variety of cases in their specialized area. To receive this certification, the bankruptcy attorney must also have attended extended education seminars and passed a final examination to prove this.

Once you find a bankruptcy attorney that has the board certification, you'll want to look for one who has specialized in consumer bankruptcy to ensure you get someone who knows how to handle your case based on knowledge and experience. You should also study the firms you are looking at to determine how many cases they file per year. A high number isn't good because it indicates that they are less likely to give you the personal attention you need. Ironically, you still have to pay to file bankruptcy, but fortunately it isn't much. Many bankruptcy attorneys will require payment up front, which typically ranged from $800-1600 and can also include court fees.

Finally, once you find a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney that is right for you, go in for a consultation face to face to determine how you feel about the situation and ask any additional questions you may have. Get comfortable with the attorney and see if you trust them before you take the leap to hire them as your bankruptcy attorney. This will help you in your search because it makes it much more tangible. To find a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney in the easiest manner possible, make your starting point.

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