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Every business person or independent worker trembles in dread at the sole mention of the word "bankruptcy". Though the term in itself has been demonized throughout history, what financial advisors know well is that bankruptcy (even though we cringe at the sight of it) is an economic reset button that empowers the individual to a fresh, hope filled start. The only thing interposing between economic rebirth and the indebted citizen is the law. That's where a New York bankruptcy attorney comes in.

Even though all the states are under the same basic laws, in what concerns to bankruptcy the regulations might differ. A resident of the state of New York, thus, requires a legal professional specialized in the pertinent bankruptcy law. According to the government registries, lawyers of the Big Apple employ the highest number of attorneys per thousand workers; and that includes bankruptcy attorneys.

According to registries, 273 of every thousand people declared bankruptcy in 2008, and the rates escalated 13% last year alone. The average New York bankruptcy attorney assists consumers and businesses alike with court procedures, bankruptcy filings, completion of legal documents, and overall legal advice.

Given the agonizing state of the United State's recession, the goal of federal bankruptcy law has the purpose of allowing the law abiding debtor to attain a fresh start. Regardless of the fact that this blessed option is nearly unattainable by an unrepresented individual, anyone considering filing a bankruptcy must know the two main options available:

"Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" is the most common in bankruptcy law, with 45,033 filings on 2010. This one allows complete pardoning of the debts of individuals which cannot pay their bills. The downside of chapter 7 is that, whilst it cleans out all debt, it leaves a condemning mark on the individual's credit records. This can be translated in up the roof interests in future loans (if found, which becomes unlikely).

"Chapter 13 Bankruptcy" permits an indebted individual to repay liabilities guided by a three to five years plan. This plan would be supervised by a bankruptcy court of the state of New York (if you're resident of that state), and is most recommended to have the expertise of a New York bankruptcy attorney as well. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, in 2010, rose up to 10,563 filings in the state of New York.

In the past year, there were 55,596 filings for bankruptcy. The third quarter of 2010 was particularly harsh in the matter, with 2.85 filings per capita. Of those, eighty one percent were filings under the chapter seven of the bankruptcy law against nineteen percent of the chapter thirteen.

There are 13,851 legal offices in NY. Many law firms host in their websites online evaluations of bankruptcy applicability, and will even set a meeting for free with a New York bankruptcy attorney. The most important thing is to know the purpose of bankruptcy in itself and, naturally, not to embark in this quest alone. Contact professionals and hire a licensed bankruptcy attorney near you.