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Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer

When looking for a Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer one of the first questions people ask is how much it will cost. This is because many times the individuals that are in greatest need of a bankruptcy lawyer are in tremendous debt.

One option is hiring a Florida bankruptcy lawyer by the hour. The hourly rate of a Florida Bankruptcy lawyer is determined by how much experience they have, the complexity of your bankruptcy filing, and your location within the state of Florida. Consider that in many cases you can pay less in total to a lawyer that has a higher hourly rate. This is because more experienced lawyers that specialize in the type of case your filing can be more efficient than their less experienced counterparts.

Lawyers that charge by the hour usually either break their time up into one quarter or one tenth of an hour intervals. This means youââ¬â¢ll either be charged for every 15 minutes or ever 6 minutes. This is very important information to know as often times you will speak to and interact with your lawyer for short periods of time. If you have a 6 minute conversation with a lawyer that charges 200$ an hour and separates it into 6 minute intervals you will pay 20$ for that conversation. Whereas if you have a lawyer with the same hourly fee that breaks it up into 15 minute intervals you will be expected to pay 50$ for 6 minutes of your lawyers time (as it will be rounded up to 15 minutes.) This is very important because it can add up very quickly.

Lawyers often charge for other costs associated with your case. These things can include using a paralegal, travel expenses, and even making copies for your case. Many times these things aren't included in a lawyer's fees. Be sure that you know up front what to expect and know what you're going to be expected to pay for. In addition to this you will want to talk to you lawyer about what other fees, such as court fees you will be expected to pay for your bankruptcy.

When shopping for a bankruptcy lawyer you need to ask a lot of questions. One of the most important things you'll want to find out is whether or not they charge a flat fee or buy the hour. It is also important to know what is and is not included in a flat or hourly fee. Depending upon the lawyer there may be room for negotiation, so make sure that you know up front whether or not they are open to it. You will also want to know what other fees you have outside of court costs and if your lawyer is capable of estimating them and their total ahead of time. Check to see if there are different payment options for your flat fee and many lawyers have options for you to pay them in payments over time. Bankruptcy can be an expensive and complicated procedure so it is important to go into it as knowledge as possible.

Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer