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Bankruptcy can happen to anyone-- from small business owners to big time billionaires like Donald Trump. Bankruptcy in a nutshell is when your debt exceeds your assets, which means that it can happen to a very rich and very successful person as well if they aren't careful. It's important to realize that bankruptcy isn't the end and you can find a way of getting back on your feet once the process is all over. Finding a good Houston bankruptcy lawyer is no problem since Houston is such a big city and bankruptcy is still at a steadily high number in the state.

The American Bankruptcy Institute posted their annual data from the year 2010, which revealed bankruptcy statistics on a state by state basis. According to this data, the number of bankruptcies filed in Texas has dropped by 7.1% when compared with the number from 2009. Additionally, consumer bankruptcies have plummeted since 2009 with 54,130 filed last year compared with 58,239 in 2009. Despite the fact that the state seems to be improving as a whole, these numbers are all still 33.8% higher than the levels in 2007 before the recession hit.

Compared with other states, Texas doesn't seem to be doing so bad. California, as you may have guessed, filed approximately 251,396 bankruptcies in 2010. Again, this seems high, but it's actually 25.2% lower than the statistic filed from 2009. The statistics also showed that the percentage of the population in California who filed was identified as 0.68%. This seems low, but compared with the huge population in California, it's actually a pretty high statistic. Despite this high number, the state of Tennessee still managed to beat California out with a 0.7% per-capita statistic of those who filed bankruptcy.

Since bankruptcy is such a stabilized national problem, bankruptcies lawyers are a necessary component of getting everything on track again for the betterment of the state and the country as a whole. A Houston bankruptcy lawyer can give you all of the answers you need to start over fresh and get rid of oppressive debt. People often wait too long before filing for bankruptcy because of the stigma attached to it or because they think bankruptcy is admitting failure and they can handle the situation on their own. The truth is, the downfall of the economy is something we can't control, but finding solutions to the problem from our own perspective is possible.

One of the best ways to get help in these kinds of situations is, simply, to ask for it. It's also better to not think of bankruptcy as a devastating surrender to failure, but instead as a quick relief to all of your burdens and problems. A Houston bankruptcy lawyer can help ease you of these problems and offer valuable counsel to ensure that they don't happen again. This way, you can start fresh and slowly build yourself up back to where you want to be. Because bankruptcy is so widespread, worrying about the prejudices or mistreatment while you get back on your feet should be limited.

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