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How to Find a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer

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How to Find a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is a stressful and confusing time for people.  Many people are unsure of how the process will go, and many do not even know what they should do to find a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer.  The do not know the process of court filings, meeting with the lawyer, and getting the bankruptcy approved by  the judge.

The first step if someone needs to find a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer is to see which lawyers are licensed in the state of Minnesota.  The Minnesota State Bar has its own website, and includes a listing of lawyers who are licensed to practice law and have their law licenses in good standing.  The state bar also has an online service where members of the public can simply put in their zip code and the specialty of the lawyer they want, and they will instantly be provided with a list of lawyers who practice in their area.  For people who want more personal service, the state bar has a hotline where a person kind get referrals to lawyers practicing in their town or city.

A good way to find an experienced bankruptcy attorney is to research which lawyers regularly appear in bankruptcy court.  A person can search local newspapers to see if any lawyers are mentioned in conjunction with noteworthy bankruptcies.  Many bankruptcy courts also offer their filings online, either at no charge or for a small fee.  A person who is contemplating bankruptcy can simply scan several of the filings, to see which lawyers regularly appear in bankruptcy court.  Another way to find a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer is to utilize the state barÂs website.  Most state bars have subcommittees, which are specifically for lawyers who specialize in a particular area of law.  Bankruptcy lawyers nearly always have a subcommittee devote to them.  This subcommittee will have a president of the group, vice president, secretary, etc.  The state bar almost always list subgroups and their officers on their website (which is accessible to the public).  Usually, these are the lawyers who are most active in the bar, most respected by their peers, and most experienced in their area of law.  If a particular lawyer is not able to represent a person, they probably can recommend a reliable lawyer who can.  

A great resource to get an attorney referral is to ask friends and family who have filed bankruptcy in the past.  They will not only be able to tell the person who needs to find a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer if their lawyer was experienced and handled their case appropriately, but they also have insight into smaller things.  Did they return phone calls and emails in a timely manner?  Was the office staff friendly and responsive?  Did the law office have convenient parking?  Did the law office have business hours that were convenient, and was the lawyer willing to meet during the hours which were best for the client?  If a person is lucky enough to know someone who has had a good experience with an attorney, they can confidently choose a lawyer who will meet their needs.

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