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Long Island New York BK Attorney Scott Schneider

Bankruptcy is used as a final resort when dealing with large amounts of consumer debt. Often, these extreme debts were incurred through circumstances outside of the consumer'ÃÂÃÂs control. For example, job loss or a medical emergency can quickly result in seemingly insurmountable debt. It can be confusing to determine whether bankruptcy is the right choice and how to proceed. A bankruptcy lawyer, or BK attorney, can answer your questions and help you get through this complex process while mitigating long-term consequences.

Benefits of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy attorney will be your most important ally in navigating the ins and outs of filing for bankruptcy. It is best to use a lawyer that specializes in a bankruptcy law, as opposed to a general purpose attorney. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to consumer debt, so having an experienced professional as your guide is a great first step in getting back on track.

Usually, the first thing a bankruptcy lawyer will do is help you determine whether filing bankruptcy is the best option for your particular situation. Your Long Island New York BK attorney will discuss with you the pros and cons of filing. The obvious and most appealing pro is that, in certain circumstances, bankruptcy can eliminate debt to give you a clean slate. However, this is not always the case. Your lawyer will help you understand the present and future ramifications of filing for bankruptcy, such as damage to your credit report. The attorney will provide you with the information you need to decide whether the benefits of filing for bankruptcy outweigh the drawbacks.

Certain debt, such as child support and student loans, among others, cannot be eliminated through bankruptcy. If bankruptcy is not the best solution for your case, your attorney will help you find alternatives, such as refinancing options or state assistance programs.

Find a Long Island New York BK Attorney

If you are ready to consult a Long Island New York BK attorney, the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys provides several ways for consumers to search for an attorney or firm in their area. You can search the NACBA member database to look for attorneys by name or location. The database provides information about members, including bios. You can also use the NACBA Navigator and Member Map to locate a Long Island New York BK attorney.

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