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Questions To Ask Your St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney

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Questions To Ask Your St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are considering entering into bankruptcy proceedings, there are several questions you will need to speak with your St. Louis bankruptcy attorney about before you commit to hiring them and before the case goes to court.  Bankruptcy is a complicated area of law that has its own rules.  You will be best served to hire an attorney that makes bankruptcy one of areas of law they practice regularly.

One of the most important things to learn from you St. Louis bankruptcy attorney is how many bankruptcy cases they handle in the course of a month or year.  The more cases an attorney is involved with, the better the attorney understands the procedures that you will need to follow, and the various judges and bankruptcy trustees you will encounter during the court proceedings.

A client should also find out if their St. Louis bankruptcy attorney has had cases similar to yours.  The more complicated your case is, such as filing a Chapter 13 case, the more you need an attorney who has had other clients in similar situations.

Find out if the attorney you meet at the office will be the attorney in court with you.  There are firms that only deal with bankruptcy cases, and they take so many cases that an attorney who does all of the footwork on the case often does not appear in court with the client.  There are two important problems with that: 1. It is almost impossible to take down every note during a meeting, so the attorney in court may not have all pertinent information, no matter how well intended, and 2. There is a level of confidence, or lack of confidence in having an attorney that you donâÂÂt know taking on a case that is so important to the client.

A question to ask an attorney early in the process is if you have any exempt, or protected assets.  These are assets that a creditor cannot seize during a bankruptcy.  A good St. Louis bankruptcy attorney should be able to look at your list of assets and have a good idea of what you have that is exempt from creditors, and what is not exempt.

Finally, does your St. Louis bankruptcy attorney ask you important questions about what you have done to pay your bills?  Do they ask if you have sold items at less than their value, which can be illegal and a red flag to the courts.  Do they find out if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?  Good attorneys ask questions in addition to providing answers.