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If you're one on the denizens of Sin City, and aren't careful with your finances, you too may need the services of a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer. But no to worry, there are resources to find a good bankruptcy lawyer that are a numerous as there are ways of losing your money in Vegas.

The first thing you should consider when choosing your Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer is, of course, how competent they are. Many attorneys offer such services in addition to other types of law, such as personal injury or criminal defense. The best bet is to go with a lawyer that does bankruptcy exclusively, or devotes a large portion of their practice to bankruptcy. Reason being, such an attorney will be well versed in the in and outs of the courts, proceedings, paperwork required, and can make sure that your bankruptcy gets done right the first time.

With changes in bankruptcy law, getting all debts discharged isn't as easy as it once was. A lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy will be able to better analyze your situation, and if a full discharge of debts is warranted (Chapter 7), they will be better equipped to make such a case to the courts.

Another consideration is of course how much they will charge, and just as important, what they will perform for their fee. Some lawyers charge the same amount, but one will get all your credit reports and do all the paperwork for you, whereas another will require you to get your own credit reports and fill out a mountain of paperwork. Does it make sense to pay for an attorney and have to do all the work yourself? Again, this is where a lawyer that mostly does bankruptcy proves to be the better option, as they know exactly what they need from you to make sure it gets done right the first time, and they tend to have the more reasonable rates due to having an efficient system in place.

Lastly, as bankruptcy is a stressful time in a personal life, there will be questions and concerns that will pop up. Just how accessible will your Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer be when these questions invariably pop up? Will he or she just pass you off to a paralegal or assistant, or will they return your phone calls? Or do they return phone calls promptly in the first place? And what if a creditor contacts you after you have retained the attorney? How promptly will they respond to them so that you aren't bothered again regarding that balance? Remember, they work for you, you paid them money to handle this for you, and you deserve a professional level of service provided. Even if it's something as simple as letting you know that there are no changes in the case will ease a lot of stress. Make sure you can get answers in a timely manner, preferably from the lawyer.

Don't leave such an important decision to chance, or even the phone book. Friends and family that have done bankruptcy are of course the best to find a good Las Vegas Bankruptcy lawyer, or an excellent resource can be found at but choose carefully, or else bankruptcy can be the start of a new nightmare instead of closing the book on one.

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