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Why Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney

Why do I need a lawyer to file bankruptcy? After all, you can do it yourself when you know all the steps that it takes to go through the minefield of legal forms, state law, court appearances, and issues in this legal maze. Law that concerns all bankruptcy matters can be very complex. Legal consultation is recommended. Some things are simply not worth skimping on to save a few dollars, and this is probably one of them for the average person. There are too many questions to answer, and loop holes that you may not know as you go through the process. Besides, what if you filed, and later realized that you did not have to give up all that you did. Some of your assets could have been spared from liquidation if you had found Legal Counsel.

When you go to your first consultation, it is usually free, or they will charge a small fee that is worth staying out of the legal quicksand that could be more costly than seeking advice. If you file alone, the courts will not be in your favor because you do not know the law, codes, or federal regulations. It can be risky business to represent one’s self and not follow protocol. Ignorance of the law will not be given consideration for anyone who is not prepared to handle the case when the court date is set. After all, you could lose more than anticipated.

Setting the date to appear in court, and not showing up to make your case could result in a number of things that could cause you some very serious issues. The judge will not show leniency because you were not present to represent yourself. Your attorney will know how to change any dates that need to be made without legal repercussion. There may be an extended amount of time before another day can be set, but it will be without a domino effect of legal regrets.

If you did not have everything fine-tuned with regard to your case, it could result in a number of ugly situations. Your case could be thrown out without regard to the hard work you put into representing yourself. Your case could be refused, and resulted in loosing anything you may have been trying to save from losing. You property, assets, and other things could be lost due to improper representation your behalf. No one is allowed to provide you advise that you need because of the complex legal jargon that comes with filing bankruptcy. The Clerk’s Office, paralegals, or anyone else is bound by law not to aid anyone with proper filing procedures. That is not all! If you fail to disclose certain property, and the F.B.I. discovered it in an investigation of your case, it could be labeled as fraud. You could be fined thousands of dollars, and serve a prison sentence up to five years. Why take the risk? Get the proper legal advice, and spare possible losses visit